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Jun. 20th, 2014


Wimbledon 2014: who’s reaping the glory?

Wimbledon 2014: who’s reaping the glory?
By: Amna El Tawil

Wimbledon 2013 carried a happy surprise for Brits when Andy Murray was crowned champion, going in history as the first British player to hold the Wimbledon title in 77 years. The elite tennis championship is one of the four Grand Slams, and the Wimbledon live matches are watched by close to 380 million viewers from 198 different territories, according to Wimbledon’s official website. Is Wimbledon 2014 likely to carry a second pleasant surprise for its host country? Who are the strongest players this year? More importantly, who is likely to walk away with the prestigious sought after title?

Wimbledon 2014 versus Wimbledon 2013: the surprises

Last year’s Wimbledon championship was full of surprises with the defending champion Roger Federer quickly excluded in the early rounds, along with the famous Rafael Nadal (Two times champion and currently ranked at number 1 worldwide). Not all surprises were bad, though. The gentlemen doubles witnessed a historic event when Bob and Mike Dylan became the first team to ever hold the Olympic Gold and all four titles of the Grand Slams at the same time.
This year, Wimbledon live matches may present tennis fans with new surprises. The Wimbledon 2014 gentlemen already witnessed the withdrawal of Juan Martín del Potro, ranked at number 8, for wrist injury. Juan reached the quarter finals last year to be eliminated after his loss against Novak Djokovic. What Wimbledon 2014 still holds for us will unravel June 23rd.

Wimbledon 2014 strongest players

Wimbledon is the third of the four tennis Grand Slams; the first two are the Australian Open, and the French Open (Roland Garros). Taking a look at the performance of the most prominent players in 2014’s first two Grand Slams may give us an idea of how Wimbledon 2014 may go.

Rafael Nadal: Currently ranked at number 1, Nadal is considered a very strong competitive this year. The Spanish player lost the final of the Australian Open in January to Wawrinka, coming second in the first Grand Slam of the year. Nadal more than made up for this later in the year, however. He has won the French Open this year for the fifth consecutive time, bringing his total titles in Roland Garros to 9. Nadal’s performance in the French Open maybe a better indicator since his big win took place in June 8th, only 15 days before the beginning of Wimbledon 2014.

Novac Djokovic: Ranked at number 2, Djokovic has seen better days. The Serbian player lost his number 1 rank to Nadal in 2013. This year, Djokovic reached the Australia Open quarter finals, and the French Open finals. Novac Djokovic is trying hard to regain his place, and we may be in for a surprise.

Andy Murray: The Wimbledon defending champion hasn’t been able to reach the semifinals in both Grand Slams of the year. He lost to Fedrer in the Australia Open failing to reach the quarter finals, then lost to Nadal in the French Open quarter finals. Nevertheless, playing at home with a title to defend may provide Murray with grater motivation in Wimbledon 2014.

Sep. 17th, 2012


Keeps changing =)

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Mar. 31st, 2012


I miss

I miss the revolution. I miss the sense of unity. I miss the brotherly bond.  I miss the compassion. I miss the clarity. I miss the certainty. I miss the purpose. I miss the hope. I miss the faith. I miss the power of the people. I miss the dissolved social barriers. I miss old ladies giving us vinegar and onions to combat tear gas. I miss the poor and rich dissolving into the same march for justice and freedom. Why was our revolution stolen? Why did it become half a revolution?

Feb. 6th, 2012


Only in Tahrir =)